Recording setup

My main mic is a Neumann TLM 102 condenser microphone for close recording, which captures a brighter sound of the viola da gamba (an otherwise dark and resonant instrument). For room sound I use an AKG P220.

Audio interface is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, mixer Behringer Xenyx 802 when needed, DAW Reaper. I also have and love the BOSS VE-20 Vocal Performer looper and effects pedal, which works great for vocals as well as for the viola da gamba, but I use it mainly for live performances/streaming.


  • 3 violas da gamba: two Bass viols with 7 strings and a tenor viol

  • A Cordoba Cadete classical guitar

  • A lute guitar (not a Renaissance / Baroque instrument, more like early 1900s, with a soft, mellow sound)

  • A medieval tenor fiddle

  • A Philips organ with two keyboards model "Philicorda 765"

  • A treble and alto recorder, several small percussion instruments (medieval and modern tambourine, ganzá, foot tambourine...)

  • MIDI Keyboard which I often use for harpsichord and harp VSTs

  • And my voice, which can sing in a very high, soft and ethereal way


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