Águeda Macias

Viola da Gamba · Violone · Concerts & Recordings



The Viola da Gamba is not a period instrument.

It’s a musical instrument, period.


That means it’s not confined to a certain style or century of music. In my work as a viola da gamba player, I favour versatility and creativity: you can find me playing Early Music concerts through historically informed lens, but also arranging and recording videogame music on the viol and much more.

As a Brazilian based in Germany, it’s my belief that the synchronic and diachronic meeting of cultures has unlimited potential to imagine new, more interesting, inclusive and colorful sound realities.

Project overview

The Gamba Geek

Solo project to arrange and record video game music

Ensemble Fulcrum

Specialized in French Baroque music

Ensemble Cantabona

Baroque music mixed with Brazilian genres

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